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Reasons You Should Consider Using a Local Pool Maintenance Company

If you own a pool, you likely know how much maintenance the pool requires. Your pool needs to be properly cleaned, have the filters routinely cleaned or replaced, and the correct level of chemicals need to be added to the pool to ensure the pool is sanitary and remains algae-free. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. This is why many people hire a pool service near me or a local pool maintenance company.

One of the reasons why you should consider hiring a local pool maintenance company near me is because they can ensure your pool has the correct pH and chemical balance. If your pool is not correctly balanced, it may not be sanitary or it may be dangerous to swim in. An improper pH allows things like green, black or yellow algae to thrive. A professional can test your water and determine what type of treatment your pool needs. Another way a pool service near me can help you is by working to clear up a green pool. If your filtration system stopped working or there was not enough chlorine in your pool, the water may have turned green. The pool does not need to be drained. A professional can get to work shocking the pool and helping to clean that green water right up.

Are you looking for a local pool maintenance company or a pool service near me to ensure your pool remains clean and safe to swim in? At Total Pool + Patio, LLC, we can help you with all of your pool care needs, including weekly cleaning services. Call us today to get an estimate and allow us to care for and maintain your pool.

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